Hello My Name is Cori and I Will No Longer Be a Zombie

Howdy SS!

(That’s Salt Shaker for those of you as yet uninitiated folks.)

Ready to throw a little salt, light and faith around? Good, me too.

This is blog post numero uno on this little journey of faith and I hope if you’re reading this you’re ready to journey with me.

My Pastor (Mr. Nathan Blackwell from Cornerstone) did a sermon awhile back that pretty much inspired this entire “Salt, Light and Faith” blog idea, and I’m going to talk about that today.

In future posts I’ll cover all the things he and/or the Cornerstone team talks about from one Sunday to the next, and everything I learn from each of those Sundays.

This particular sermon was all about being a Christian Zombie and never really moving forward in your growth as a God lover.

More importantly it was about not sharing your faith with other people who don’t have the pleasure of knowing God in a bestie kind of way.

I decided then and there being a zombie did not sound very epic or inspiring and I no longer wanted to be one.

Before I knew it, the seed was sown and viola! SLF was born. My way to shout from the roof tops that God is fracken cool and you should consider getting to know Him a little better.

But let’s get back to this zombie bidness. What the heck is a Christian Zombie anyway? It’s not all moan-y and creepy and flesh eat-y right?


I wasn’t THAT kinda zombie ya goof, and I’d wager neither are you.

Zombie Bidness Defined

A Christian Zombie according to my wonderful Pastor at my local church is pretty much any everlovin’, self-respectin’ Christian NOT doing his Christian duty and God- inspired mission, and leading those who are separated from God into a relationship with Him.

If you’re are a Christian and profess to love God and Jesus and feel His Holy Trio has worked magic in your life in some way… He wants you to share that news with others. He wants you to live life His way, not your way and shine your little light all over the world for everyone to see.

When you shine your little light and show others by example how God is working in your life magical things start to happen. You begin to inspire someone who may not be as tight with God as you are to want to get to know Him a little better.

Or maybe you even inspire someone who doesn’t know Him at all to want to get to know Him a little better. Either way God is cheering you on because He wants to be besties with all his children, you included.

And the only way He can do that is if we allow Him to. He did make free will for a reason ya know.


You Might Be a Zombie Christian If…

  • You’re wandering about the world keeping your light under a barrel. God has worked amazing miracles in your life and as thanks you’ve told a whopping two other people in the world. Those two people might be your Pastor and your Mom. Not cool. You gotta pay it forward for a miracle to spread.
  • You’ve committed to inspiring absolutely no one to grow in their faith. You go to church every Sunday but you sit alone and maybe even hide out in the back, hoping no one notices you’re there. You listen to the message and nod like it’s a great idea, but then leave church and check your inspiration and passion at the door. You go about your week totally forgetting your vow to share God’s work in your life with others.
  • You know God’s the shiznel but you’re reluctant to tell other people how cool you think he is because you’re afraid of being dubbed a Holy Roller or some such nonsense. You feel pretty dang conflicted because part of you wants to sing God’s praise from the roof tops, but another part of you doesn’t want to “push your views onto others”.

Pssshttt. I used to be in that camp. I didn’t like it when folks force fed me religion and that’s OK. No one says you have to force feed anyone anything.

Leave that to the fanatics.

The only thing God requires you to do is share your life and experiences with others in a non-douche-y way, and do it with grace, good humor and passion. People inspire people and when you live your life in a way that glorifies God, you live your life as an example of what having a relationship with Him can mean for others.

Ephesians 5:1-2 Watch what God does, and then you do it, like children who learn proper behavior from their parents. Mostly what God does is love you. Keep company with him and learn a life of love. Observe how Christ loved us. His love was not cautious but extravagant. He didn’t love in order to get something from us but to give everything of himself to us. Love like that. (MSG)

Simply put, when we live life God’s way everything just works better. Crappy behaviors can often creep in quietly without us even realizing it, including behaviors like pushing others into a relationship with Him rather than quietly leading them into a relationship with Him just by sharing your life and living His way.

No Holy Rollin’ or Bible Thumpin’ required. 

Figure out a way to tell others of your story and journey with Christ. Do it cheerfully, without beating people over the head. And most of all, have a blast doing it because there’s no better feeling than being one with God and living in truth. It’s why He made us in the first place!

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