Yes, I Believe in God. Do You?


I’ve been reading Romans this week during my Bible study time, and it’s filled with much wisdom and many of God’s promises that give me hope and comfort. However, it’s also filled with truths, and some of them can be hard truths to swallow, especially in our current culture. There are so many who rebel against God, […]

How Do You Handle Pesky Feelings Like Doubt?


For most folks, this can be an uncomfy question. The mere acknowledgment to yourself that you have doubts, can often result in even more doubts, and lead you down a dark road full of questions and fear. You start wondering if you truly believe like you thought you did, and are you really saved like you thought […]

Do As I Say, Not As I Do


Have you ever heard that old cliché? It kinda blows, right? Hypocrisy to the nth degree, whatever the heck an nth is. Let’s Talk Hypocrites hyp·o·crite  /ˈhipəˌkrit/ Courtesy of the Urban Dictionary, a hypocrite is: A person who engages in the same behaviors she condemns others for. A person who professes certain ideals, but fails […]

Learning to Pray is Learning to Say- “God I Need You”


I have three boys. Their ages are 13 (almost 14), 9 (almost 10) and 3. Obviously they are each at very different stages of their lives. Every day it feels like new challenges arise, new fruitless (and sinful) worries are stirred up, and new ideas & solutions are needed to resolve them. The pull of […]

Revel in the Burn of Righteous Anger? Or Let It Go?

Righteous Anger

I recently posted a Facebook status in response to some personal things that frankly, really anger me . And in my mind, rightly so! It’s not prudent or even worth sharing the nitty gritty details here but I can share how I responded to those details. I thought it’d be a good lesson for #SLF readers, […]

Christ-follower or Christian… Does It Really Matter?

I Am

I’ve been surfing the web today, pondering on what it means to be a Christian vs Christ-follower. I used to call myself Christian based entirely on the fact that it was just what I was raised to call myself. When I began my walk with God in more recent years, learning about Him and creating […]

The Epic Power of Prayer

Power of Prayer

I am a big believer in the power of prayer, confessing God’s Word out loud and coming into agreement with Him, and knowing or expecting He will deliver on His promises. That said, this video an old schoolmate recently published drove that point home. But he did it in a new, inspiring, yet ultimately familiar […]

The Grace in Servitude


This is a guest post courtesy of my future brother-in-law Ryan Clarke, and his thoughts on serving others, which is a prevalent topic when it comes to following Christ and acting out our faith. I hope you enjoy the read. It is important for us to serve not just at our church, but also at […]

Are You Courageous?


I wanted to share it because it’s like a call to spiritual arms for fathers everywhere and so inspiring. I got goosebumps the first time I ever watched it! It’s my prayer that if you land on this page and are reading this, you continue to read and watch the video below and that it […]

Be Kind and Be Generous… Even to the Douche Bags of the Planet

be kind to your enemies

Fair Warning- The below post does contain a “bad” word or two. I did mention I’m a work in progress. And sometimes a “bad” word just feels more appropriate. And really… if it’s contained within the Bible, is it really a bad word? I’ve yet to answer that question for myself definitively, you?  Living in […]